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UPCOMING SHOW: The Work of Julia Sackett

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Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 6pm – 9pm

Artist Statement:

I see photography as a eulogy of memory, with no distinction between fiction and fact. Using photographic images and antique objects, I accentuate the void between my experience and past experience with acrylic transfers and casting methods. Taking slides of other people’s memories and distorting them over a space raises questions about the seemingly cozy sentimentality of memory and takes nostalgia to a different, more uncanny plane. These histories are inevitably fiction, as the photographic moment exists outside of living time.  Everyone experiences the poignancy of passing time, even when the forgotten moments aren’t even their own.


The exhibition runs October 13th, 2012 – December 1st, 2012

Gallery Hours: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 8pm

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